Welcome to the Blood Spatter Analysis System. The objective of this application is to help you process your field data and determine the unique point of impact for your dataset.

You will be prompted to identify both your team and an identifier for the pattern you are analyzing. Your analysis data will be saved using these two pieces of information. You will be able to retrieve your data at a later time for futher analysis

NOTE: Sherlock was designed for student training purposes only, we do not guarantee that the results are 100% accurate. Trent University assumes no responsibility or liability should you attempt to use the software in a criminal or civil court case.

For an explanation of the math used in this program, please download this Math Reference Material

New Datasets:

Your team name and pattern ID will be used to automatically save your data for you when you run the analysis.
Dataset Identification
Team Name:
Pattern ID:
Number of stains:

Pre-existing Datasets:

Load your data from a fileIf your data is already in a file, type in the filename and press LOAD